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FRESH M3EDICINE protocol (Food, Rehabilitation, Endocrine, Sleep, Hormones, Medications, Musculo-skeletal, Mitochondria, Exercise, Detoxification, Inflammation, Cognitive Behavioral, Immune/Infections, Nutrients, Environmental Stressors)

This is a dynamic protocol that was designed to address multi-systems dysfunction associated with chronic disease and pain. It can be performed in various sequences and is dynamic in that a specific part may be emphasized more or not needed at all. It can also be applied selectively for less severe concerns or as a preventive approach to your health.

Food: Our diet influences our overall health. A poor diet leads to inflammation, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, and nutrient deficiencies and can alter our gut microbiome causing issues like IB or autoimmune diseases. At Medipro, we assess key dietary strategies to improve your health including identifying potential allergies or sensitivities or foods that can negatively impact your health.


Rehabilitation: Improvement in or a return to normal function is a top goal for patients. Identifying and implementing specific rehabilitation processes can significantly improve multiple conditions. Some types of rehab include Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Pelvic Floor therapy, Visual-vestibular, and Neuro therapy. (Rehab videos)

Endocrine: Your endocrine system controls and coordinates your body's metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth, and development, as well as its response to injury, stress, and mood. At Medipro we assess the function and status of your thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as your level of insulin resistance and, when necessary, other markers that are predictive or indicators of dysfunction. We advocate for the utilization of “Functional Lab Ranges” to help optimize the system(click to below).

Sleep: Sleep is free medicine! There are multiple concerns arising from poor sleep. Rates of sleep apnea are higher than most people realize, and it can be a severe detriment to your health, including reducing the average lifespan by 10 years! Beyond apnea, we address quality restorative sleep by promoting sleep hygiene, restoring circadian rhythms, calming the nervous system, regulating blood sugar, and any other barrier standing in the way of quality rest. Without restorative sleep, your body cannot repair and heal.

Hormones: Beyond thyroid, at Medipro we look at optimal ranges of sex hormones (Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, and growth hormone). By balancing these hormones, we can address a variety of issues from metabolism problems to pain, as well as reduce long-term risks for things like cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cognitive decline. At Medipro, we have advanced delivery methods for bioidentical hormone replacement, as well as some of the most advanced peptide therapies available. We advocate for the utilization of “Functional Lab Ranges” to help optimize the system (click to below).


Medications: Medications are sometimes necessary. We advocate for utilizing the safest, lowest dose and most effective combinations available. We call this “medication optimization”. We can reduce and replace multiple medications where applicable with either different medications or nutraceuticals/herbs, so there is less of an overall burden. When necessary, we change or add medications that we believe will be more targeted and specific, and thus more effective. In some cases, we get labs to identify problems with specific medication.

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Musculo-skeletal: Pain and dysfunction can cause serious limitations and have broad consequences that impact your quality of life. At Medipro, we seek to identify your primary source of dysfunction and correct it. We do this through an extensive evaluation and an array of diagnostic tools. Treatments can range from things like trigger point muscle injections to regenerative therapies. When we feel an issue or part of an issue is beyond our scope, we refer you for specialized injections and treatments or surgical evaluation.

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Mitochondria: The mitochondria are organelles found in your cells that produce cellular energy and store it like a battery. They help break down nutrients like sugars and fats into energy the cells can use to perform their functions. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the primary driver of age-related disease. It has been linked to virtually all degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and cancer. There are several key co-factors required to maintain proper function, and they are easily damaged by poor diet, inflammation, infections, and toxins. Mitochondria are dependent on sirtuins. These are protein enzymes that regulate numerous cellular functions, including aging, inflammation, detoxification, stress resistance, fat and glucose metabolism, circadian rhythms, and mitochondrial biogenesis. Sirtuins, in turn, are dependent on NAD+. At Medipro, we can replace the necessary co-factors for proper mitochondrial function while also supporting Sirtuins with NAD+ and special peptides.


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Exercise: Motion is lotion! Some of the best evidence for health, reduced pain, mood improvement, and longevity is around exercise. At Medipro, we help you develop a program that works for you and your goals. We also emphasize pacing and practicality when talking about your needs. Plans can range from stretching to high-intensity training and everything in between.

Detoxification: This is a generic term that encompasses removing “toxins” from the body but also avoiding unnecessary exposures. We typically start by eliminating sources from food, known as the “Dirty dozen”, and replacing them with the“Clean 15”. We also work on your natural processes of elimination including liver and gallbladder function and digestion and elimination. Beyond the basics, we can add depurative therapies such as sauna and redlight. More advanced options could includeIV therapy.

Inflammation: Another key hallmark of disease, inflammation, must be addressed. It is linked to almost all chronic health conditions. There are multiple forms depending on the “root cause”. This can be diet, infection, or immune dysfunction. At Medipro, we seek to identify and correct the underlying cause to restore health.


Cognitive-Behavioral: CBT is a psychological approach that emphasizes changing thought patterns to change emotional responses that result in behaviors and physical outcomes. It can range from simple education in group therapy models to intensive one-on-one counseling. Other appreciable methods can be performed at home such as mindfulness, meditation, or Heart Rate Variability. Overall stress reduction and reduced nervous system tone can improve many parameters of health. Currently, we offer group therapy as part of our Multi-Disciplinary Pain Program and work with a selection of trusted therapists in the area.

Immune/Infections: Chronic infections have been linked to several serious issues such as Global Pain, Autoimmunity, and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes. Typically, we screen for the most common chronic infections we see clinically such as Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex, and dysbiosis in the gut. We can also look at the “big picture” to determine when and if a “deep dive” for harder-to-diagnose chronic infections like Lyme is needed. Medipro has a host of cutting-edge treatment options ranging from standard medications to things like Low Dose Naltrexone, herbs, peptides, and bee venom.

Peptides for Immune Modulation and Autoimmune Diseases: Immune dysregulation is the universal characteristic of autoimmune diseases and can be targeted using specific peptides via antiinflammation, T cell modulation, cell predominant shifts, OGF axis, and other mechanisms of action.

Useful peptides include Thymosin/Thymulin, VIP, BPC157 and KPV.

Nutrients:  Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are the fuel for all cellular processes in the body, and ultimately are responsible for ensuring proper function and health. At Medipro, we screen for both common deficiencies such as iron and B12, and D, as well as less important markers for specific functions such as magnesium, copper, and iodine. We have multiple options to address deficiencies: oral supplementation, injections, and IV therapy. Many nutrients require being in what is considered “Functional Lab Ranges”.(click to below).


Environmental Stressors: In today’s world, we are exposed to a variety of stressors from pesticides in food to EFM from computers and cell phones. Many people don’t consider the cumulative burden of everyday life from fluoridated water to bromide in baked goods or air pollution from traffic. Research has also shown a strong correlation between endocrine disrupting chemicals and hormonal and autoimmune issues. There is also evidence to support toxins alter our microbiome and make us more susceptible to asthma and allergies. Often there are simple methods to eliminate these exposures

What Are Functional Lab Ranges?

Labs values are based on population norms NOT based on individual norms. The literature reveals there are optimal ranges for most if not all labs that can be applied to an individual. Several large and respected organizations recommend utilizing this concept. However, there currently is no complete agreement as to what those ranges are between groups. There is, however, significant overlap between the recommendations allowing us to adjust values accordingly. Intervening to adjust things to “optimal ranges” can have a profound benefit for many people, though not all labs need to be in that range. As an example, if a lab is within normal but below what we consider optimal and the person has no symptoms related to the lab, it may not be necessary to adjust.


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