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Men's Health in Beaverton, OR

Men often witness health concerns in terms of athletic performance, prostate disorders, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and low testosterone. We offer services focusing on men’s health and wellness. We create a customized treatment plan which goes beyond any conventional model and helps you improve your quality of life. You may schedule an appointment with us and discuss the symptoms/problems you have been experiencing.

What are the Men’s Health Services?

Male Wellness Exams

We conduct various male wellness exams to diagnose the problem you may be suffering. These examinations include your testicular exam, hernia exam, penis exam, and prostate exam. We urge you to visit us for these annual tests once a year as a part of preventive healthcare.

Preventive Services

Screening exams help to find the disease before its symptoms begin to appear. Its goal is to detect the disease at the earliest and most treatable stage. Our preventive services include various lab tests to check your blood and other fluids, genetic tests, and other imaging exams to produce the picture inside your body.

Similarly, we carry out cancer screenings in men to diagnose the problem before its symptoms appear. These screenings ensure that we treat the problem at its earliest stage.

Comprehensive Lab Work

We also offer services related to comprehensive lab work, which involves a series of blood tests to check your body's chemistry. It may be a part of your yearly check-up. We may also recommend these tests to check the functions of your kidney and liver, your blood sugar levels, electrolyte levels, the content of protein in your body, and how your metabolism is functioning.

Testosterone and Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are artificial hormones, similar to the hormones produced by your body. We use bioidentical testosterone hormones for your treatment if your testosterone levels are low or out of balance. The entire treatment plan is customized as per the hormones required by your body.

Peptides are naturally-occurring chemicals present in the body. They are formed of short chains containing less than 50 amino acids. Different types of peptides perform different but specific functions in our bodies. Some of the peptides act like hormones, whereas some act as neurotransmitters. 

Peptide therapy is a regenerative medicine approach that facilitates anti-aging, pain management, and weight loss by restoring the body's Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels to improve health and quality of life. The therapy involves a set of injections through which peptides are administered to the body. They are spaced weeks apart. Once the peptides reach the human body, they promote the production of human growth hormone (HGH), repair and restore the damaged tissues and minimize the natural aging process.

Sexual Health

You may schedule an appointment with us upon suffering from the symptoms of any sexual disease or disorder you may be experiencing, including loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, nightfall, and others.

Regenerative Medicine for ED

Erectile dysfunction refers to a sexual problem where a male body experiences difficulty getting or maintaining an erection while engaging in sexual intercourse. There are many reasons for ED – high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, stress, anxiety, lifestyle choices, etc.

Our regenerative medicine for ED includes treatment approaches such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy, amniotic fluid matrices, and stem cell therapy.

To find out more about the healthcare services we offer at MediPro Pain & Performance, Beaverton, OR, call (503) 828-9265 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 17933 NW Evergreen Place, Ste 285, Beaverton, OR 97006.


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