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Acupuncture in Hillsboro OR

Acupuncture in Hillsboro OR is a method in which pressure is applied to certain points in the body to relieve pain or treat various health conditions. In this method, thin needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate these points.

How Does Acupuncture in Hillsboro OR Work?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the body is composed of a number of meridians that help carry energy throughout the body. Meridians are found along the entire body, from the base of the foot to the top of the head, and are responsible for keeping the flow of energy through the body balanced. Imbalances in the flow of energy lead to health issues that can result in a multitude of symptoms ranging from headaches to back pain.

Acupuncture in Hillsboro OR works to restore balance in the meridians of the body by stimulating them with tiny needles inserted into the skin. Tiny acupuncture needles are inserted in your skin at strategic points on your body to stimulate acupressure points as well as the central nervous system. Relief is felt immediately, although most acupuncturists will recommend a series of sessions to treat the specific issue at hand.

The needles used in acupuncture are typically much thinner than those used for injections or blood draws. In fact, they are so fine that the insertion of the needles is virtually painless. Some patients may feel a slight pinch as they insert the needle into the skin. However, most patients will feel little to no pain at all from the procedure.

There is a wide variety of conditions that can be treated with acupuncture in Hillsboro OR. From acute allergies to chronic pain to infertility, this holistic form of medicine can help ease the symptoms of a wide range of ailments. Each treatment session lasts between five and thirty minutes, depending on the condition being treated. Most individuals feel relief from their symptoms after only one session, but for chronic conditions, multiple sessions may be required for lasting results.

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