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Chiropractic Treatment in Beaverton, OR

Chiropractic refers to a system of therapy focusing on the structure of your body, spine in particular. Our chiropractic approach aims to manipulate the alignment of your body to help you get rid of pain and improve its functions. 

We use special instruments or even our hands to manipulate your joints. This process is also referred to as joint or spinal manipulation. The practice reduces pain, corrects the alignment of your body, improves your flexibility and overall function. 

We address several conditions affecting your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Schedule an appointment with us upon experiencing any pain or discomfort in your body, and we will treat it in the shortest time. 

Why Opt for Chiropractic Adjustments? 

Chiropractic doesn’t include medication or invasive surgery. This science of healing is a little different from all the other approaches used to treat your acute or chronic pain. 

Soft Tissue Therapy 

We may prescribe soft-tissue therapy to relax your tight muscles and relieve spasms in your fascia. 


We use adjustments and manipulations to realign your joints and increase your range of motion. 

Joint Bracing and Taping 

We perform joint bracing and taping to support your sprained joints or muscles during the healing process. 

Exercising and Stretching 

Chiropractic also includes a combination of various exercises and stretching to restore and maintain your mobility and range of motion. 

What to Expect from Chiropractic Adjustment? 

We will discuss your medical history and carry out a physical examination during your first appointment at our clinic. We may also conduct various diagnostic tests like X-rays to visualize internal structures. Computed Tomography, or CT scan, may be used to take a detailed picture of your internal body, as well as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to generate precise and detailed pictures of your body. 

Once all the tests are conducted, we will develop a customized treatment plan according to your symptoms. We will use our hands or small instruments to apply a quick and controlled force to your joints. 

Besides this manipulation, we will also recommend other therapies. 

  • Advice on diet, nutrition, weight, or general health 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation 
  • Heat or icing therapy 
  • Massage 
  • Different means to manage stress and relax your muscles. 

Which Problems are Treated from Chiropractic Adjustments? 

Sports Injury

Injuring yourself during any sport is very common. Our chiropractic treatment addresses all kinds of sports injuries to relieve you of the pain and avoid scar tissue and chronic pain.

Auto Injury

Car accidents cause immense discomfort. If left untreated, it may turn into chronic pain. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will examine your overall health and use our chiropractic manipulations to soothe the pain.

Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustments also address conditions like pain, tightness, and stiffness in your neck.

Back Pain

Whiplash may occur in your back and lead to excruciating pain. Our chiropractic adjustment stimulates the muscles and nerves of your back, thus relieving all the tension and pressure.


Whether you are suffering from mild or severe headaches, using chiropractic adjustments over painkillers is a better alternative to treat your condition.

To find out more about the healthcare services we offer at MediPro Pain & Performance, Beaverton, OR, call (503) 828-9265 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 17933 NW Evergreen Place, Ste 285, Beaverton, OR 97006.


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