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Pain Management in Portland OR

Chronic pain is pain that persists for more than three months or beyond the time of healing from an injury or surgical procedure. According to the American Dental Association, nearly 50 percent of the population in the United States is affected by some form of chronic pain. A holistic approach to Pain Management in Portland OR includes identifying and treating the underlying cause of the pain. For chronic pain, this often means addressing physical and emotional causes. Holistic medicine looks at the entire person — their physical health, mental well-being, and lifestyle habits — to determine the root causes of pain. This helps formulate the best treatment plan for you.

Finding the Cause and Pain Management in Portland OR

The common cause is ongoing inflammation in the body. Inflammation can contribute to a number of health problems, including arthritis, joint pain, digestive issues, and skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, etc. A diet that is high in processed foods and sugars, as well as alcohol and caffeine use, can worsen inflammation. Regular physical activity can help reduce inflammation throughout your body, helping to reduce your discomfort levels. Rehab can also help reduce pain and improve your overall health. Gentle stretching can also help improve flexibility and increase circulation throughout the body.

In addition to diet and lifestyle modifications, there are many natural supplements that can help with Pain Management in Portland OR. These include omega-3 fatty acids, turmeric, ginger, magnesium, vitamin D, and collagen cream. These supplements can be taken individually or combined to create a customized formula for your needs.

Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management in Portland OR

Regenerative therapies work by using your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to encourage new cell growth and tissue regeneration. Substances such as platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and growth factors are injected into damaged areas to encourage repair. Unlike conventional pain management treatments that require surgery or medication, regenerative therapy does not harm surrounding healthy tissue with side effects. Instead, it works with the body’s natural processes to elicit pain relief and healing without the need for invasive procedures.

There are ways to treat chronic inflammation with Pain Management in Portland OR. Feel free to contact our holistic doctor to learn more!


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