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Multidisciplinary Pain Program

Medipro Multi-Disciplinary Pain Program

Given the complex nature of chronic pain and the need to address multiple systems simultaneously, we have developed a 12-week program to help facilitate recovery.

The basic program consists of a comprehensive pain evaluation (inclusive of medication optimization and management), weekly acupuncture, weekly chiropractic with physical rehabilitation, and a nutrition consult. We are in the process of adding curriculum-based group counseling to complete the basic program. Specialized treatments are tailored to the individual which could include Injections (standard and regenerative), soft tissue therapy (Cupping, Guasha/Graston/Astym), extracorporeal shockwave treatments, hormone replacement, and peptide or IV therapy.

In addition, we follow the FRESH M3EDICINE© protocol to address underlying root causes of dysfunction. If necessary, we have a trusted network of providers and specialists to refer you to based on your individual needs.


At MediPro we have many options to replace medications. Although sometimes they are necessary, we strive to reduce or limit what is needed. Systematic reviews have shown that nonopioid therapies are at least as effective as opioids for many common types of pain (including headaches, low back pain, neck pain) as well as pain related to common musculoskeletal conditions, minor surgeries, dental procedures, or kidney stones. Our Multi-D approach has been being refined for over a decade. We utilize a variety of techniques to help people get off narcotics and other potentially dangerous medications and improve their quality of life.



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