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Multidisciplinary Pain Program

MPHH Multi-Disciplinary Pain Program

Given the complex nature of chronic pain and the need to address multiple systems simultaneously, we have developed a 12-week program to help facilitate recovery.

The basic program consists of a comprehensive pain evaluation (inclusive of medication optimization and management), weekly acupuncture, weekly chiropractic with physical rehabilitation, and a nutrition consult. We are in the process of adding curriculum-based group counseling to complete the basic program. Specialized treatments are tailored to the individual which could include Injections (standard and regenerative), soft tissue therapy (Cupping, Guasha/Graston/Astym), extracorporeal shockwave treatments, hormone replacement, and peptide or IV therapy.

In addition, we follow the FRESH M3EDICINE© protocol to address underlying root causes of dysfunction. If necessary, we have a trusted network of providers and specialists to refer you to based on your individual needs.


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