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Red light

Mito Red Light Therapy

Apart from designing your diet, exercise, and other aspects, we also provide Mito Red Light Therapy as a part of your functional medicine treatment. This therapy works on your muscle tissue, skin, and other parts of your body, thus healing them holistically. 

Under red light therapy, we expose your skin to low near-infrared or red light levels. Your body feels this energy in the form of heat. The therapy is carried out using a device, lamp, or laser that you cannot see but feel. When we expose our skin to such light, the powerhouse of the cell or mitochondria absorbs such light and makes more energy. The continuous soaking and absorption heal your muscles and skin tissues. 

What are the Benefits of Mito Red Light Therapy? 

  • Mito red light therapy heals your tissues and reduces the pain and discomfort experienced by your body. It may help you with any chronic condition such as chronic pain or arthritis. 
  • This therapy also improves your mood and boosts brain functions. 
  • Mito red light therapy restores sleep and beautifies your skin. 
  • It is a safe approach that doesn’t lead to side effects. 


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