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Primary Care

Primary care refers to the provision of integrated and accessible healthcare services to all the people who need personal health care. It extends to all people regardless of their age group. Primary care includes various services, including focusing on your wellness and the prevention of diseases. 

Our primary care services extend to carefully monitoring your health and determining the risk factors you may face in the future. We offer vaccination to prevent diseases. Primary care also includes screenings to detect health issues early and at the most treatable stage. 

What are the Various Primary Care Services? 

Naturopathic Family Medicine 

The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat your mind, body, and spirit as a whole, and instead of just stopping the symptoms, we aim to heal the root causes of the illness. When you or your family member visit us, we spend 1-2 hours examining your health. It also involves asking questions regarding your health history, lifestyle habits, and stress level. We may also conduct lab tests. 

All Ages, Genders, and Backgrounds Welcome 

We extend our primary care services to people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders. Please schedule an appointment with us to improve your quality of life.

Annual Physical and Wellness Exams 

Annual physical and wellness exams help us check your health and diagnose the problems you may be experiencing. It includes your updated health history, vital sign checks, physical examination of your organs, and lab tests. 

Comprehensive Lab Work 

Lab tests that give us detailed information about the cause of illness, underlying imbalances, and also ways to optimize your health. We have specialized testing for a variety of conditions not typically found with traditional lab work. 

Preventive Individualized Care

Preventive Individualized Care includes making use of any medical service or precautions to fight against chronic health diseases. This is an essential step to take care of your health. The most common factors that affect your health are genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle, diet, disease-causing agents, etc. Therefore, you should make sure to visit a doctor periodically and undergo screening tests.

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Well-Child exam

Well-child visits help to keep a check on your child’s health and make sure they’re growing well. Well-child visits are usually performed from a few days after a child is born and continue till they turn 18.

Sports physical and annual physical

A sports physical focuses reviews your children's health and medical history of making they are healthy enough to play their favorite sport and that no risk is involved. This usually includes checking their height, weight, vision, hearing, heart health, bone health, etc.

While in an annual physical, we mainly focus on the developmental, emotional, and social aspects of your child. The doctor will examine your child thoroughly and look through your family's medical history to ensure preventative health measures for any genetic diseases are in place.

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