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Red light therapy is a newer form of therapy, only emerging as a potentially beneficial health treatment in the mid-1990s. Red light therapy has its origins in NASA research, when researchers using red light to promote plant growth found that it also helped researchers’ wounds to heal faster after prolonged exposure to red light.

Red light therapy is thought to stimulate small organs within each cell called  mitochondria. Mitochondria are essential to energy production within cells, and stimulating these sub-cellular organs are thought to improve energy within the cells and lead to health benefits such as improved healing and decreased inflammation and pain. The MitoPro series with Enhanced Spectral Energy Output™ (ESPEO) delivers energy across the full spectrums of Red (620nm - 700nm with peak at 660nm) and NIR (800nm - 900nm with peak at 850nm). The one-of-a-kind multi-wavelength design delivers energy across more of the spectrums of Red (~590nm - 700nm with peaks at 630nm and 660nm) and NIR (~780nm - 900nm with peaks at 830nm and 850nm) than other devices.


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Mito Red Light Therapy

Mito Red light therapy helps with many conditions emerging in your skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body. The procedure exposes you to low levels of near-infrared or red infrared light. Your eyes cannot see this light, but your skin absorbs it. We administer this therapy using a device, lamp, or laser of red light.

When the laser emits light, mitochondria absorb it under your skin. The process helps create more energy, thus healing your muscle tissues and skin. We may administer this therapy to heal tissues, reduce pain and inflammation, improve your mood, boost your brain function, restore your sleep, and beautify your skin. Mito red light therapy is a safe procedure with no side effects.


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