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IV's and Peptides


Peptides are chains of amino acids that act as cell signaling molecules that bind to the cell surface receptors, triggering an intracellular action. Peptides use the body’s own innate healing abilities to move the system towards optimal health, and pairs well with hormone replacement and regenerative therapies

Peptides used therapeutically can be useful for: Autoimmunity, Pain & inflammation, Muscle growth & Injury repair, Insulin sensitization and weight loss, Sleep, Anxiety, Chronic infections, Anti-aging and more!

Growth Hormone Peptides:Adult growth hormone deficiency symptoms is now being correlated to a variety of age related diseases. It is estimated that a healthy individual loses 10-15% of their growth hormone for every decade of life and is associated with higher morbidity (illness) and mortality. Treatment with recombinant human growth hormone is expensive and not covered under most insurance plans and can have multiple side effects. 

Peptides as alternatives to recombinant human growth hormone include CJC-1295, Ipamorelin, GHRP-6, Sermorelin and Teslomorelin. These peptides and others have been shown to help improve IGF-1 levels. They also have the advantage of inducing all five of the hGH isoforms rather just the one that is found in the synthetic form mimicking natural release.

Metabolic Peptides:Peptides can be used to improve metabolism. Master pathways involved in food intake and metabolism can be targeted, while utilizing others such as semaglutide can increase insulin sensitivity, as well as leveraging the growth hormone axis. Novel peptides such as MOTS-C a can address mitochondrial dysfunction enhancing cellular energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction and optimization are key strategies to address all chronic disease.

Peptides for Immune Modulation and Autoimmune Diseases:Immune dysregulation is the universal characteristic of autoimmune diseases and can be targeted using specific peptides via antiinflammation, T cell modulation, cell predominant shifts, OGF axis, and other mechanisms of action.

Useful peptides include Thymosin/Thymulin, VIP, BPC157 and KPV.

Repair/Healing Peptides:BPC 157 was discovered in 1993, and there is now considerable clinical data of the regenerative properties of BPC-157 in animals. Human studies are currently underway. Uses for BPC-157 include reducing inflammation, increasing the production of type 1 collagen, improving the lower esophageal sphincter, healing fistulas, and helping with repairing many parts of the body. Published studies of BPC-157 will be reviewed, as well as dosing. This peptide pairs well with multiple others particularly Thymosin B4

Peptides for Pain:There are many potentially useful peptides for pain management depending on the primary issue and degree of secondary contributions. In pain management it is often useful to stack and rotate various peptides to address multiple issues simultaneously.

Useful peptides for pain include Thymosins, ARA290, BPC157, pentosan polysufate and a unique peptide derived from venom, melittin.

Brain/Neuro Peptides:

Regenerative peptides for the brain, including Cerbrolsyin/P21, Thymosin Beta 4, BPC-157, Dihexa, Semax, Selank, and DSIP can all be of value in treating anxiety, ADD, insomnia and brain injury or neurological diseases. 

Some of these peptides have been shown to increase Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) to help with nerve cell regeneration. Patients with Alzheimer’s have low BDNF and improving BDNF can help with cognition.

Peptides in Cancer Treatment:

Advances in peptide biology have shed light on multiple pathways which can be targeted for therapeutic interventions in the treatment of cancer. These can be incorporated as part of a comprehensive management approach. Potential options include Met-Enkephalin, PNC 27, P18, and TA1/Thymulin.

Cosmeceutical Peptides:

Growth factors and cytokines have been used in the cosmetic products to help with aging skin, however, their large size limits their ability to penetrate the skin. Peptides provide benefits similar to growth factor with better skin penetration, due to their smaller molecular size. GHK and GHK-cu are considered excellent Botox-like peptides with pleotrophic effects.  

Hair Growth Peptides:

There are peptides to help with hair growth and stimulate new hair follicle production. The WNT pathway is a critical factor for hair growth and the discovery of the CXXC5 protein that is responsible for hair loss is a key target for therapy. Useful peptides include Thymulin, GHK-cu, and Thymosin Beta 4. These also pair well with both regenerative injections to the scalp and specialized prescription shampoos.

Peptides for Sexual Health:

Sexuality and sexual health is an important part of the human condition. Dysfunction can lead to a host of both personal and relationship issues. Peptides offer a safe adjunctive treatment to address sexual dysfunction and libido alongside treatments such as hormone replacement and specialized regenerative injections. Particularly useful peptides include P41 and melanotan II.

Safety: MPHH only sources from FDA accredited compounding pharmacies that third party test for purity, contamination, and stability. Peptide therapy is considered to have low toxicity, and high potency and specificity. Although many remain experimental, others have been used for decades all over the world and many are currently FDA approved medications.

IV Therapy and Nutrient injections: IV or intravenous therapy offers direct nutrient support to your body with higher bioavailability. It means that your body absorbs more nutrients than normal. We use the best available peptides, compounded nutrients, and therapeutics to ensure that your body remains active, energetic, and well-nourished.

  • At MPHH our providers have reviewed the current literature to create formulas for specific therapeutic use. These formulations are typically higher potency and far more specialized than found in the average clinic or walk in “lounge”. The type and dosage we use in varies according to your health condition and requirements.
  • We offer performance and hydration IV therapy, high-dose nutrient cocktails, cellular energy-enhancing NAD+ therapy, metabolic activator methylene blue therapy, immune-boosting options with minerals, vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants, and detoxification therapy.
  • We also offer a variety of nutrient injections and special formulations to replace deficiencies or treat specific issues.


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