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Kyla MacDonald is a holistic clinical nutritionist and works with patients in a weight-inclusive, strength-based, and patient-centered approach. She builds tools for individuals to make empowered decisions around their diet, healthcare, and lifestyle. Together, you will investigate whole-body symptoms, nutritional needs, your relationship to food, and lifestyle factors.

She has a passion for women’s health, including supporting menstruation regulation, puberty, PCOS, fertility, menopause, skin conditions, digestion, mood, cognitive function, athletes, body image, beliefs around diet culture, and more. Kyla is well versed in medical nutrition therapy for chronic disease cases as well as optimizing health. She is committed to showing up with compassion for different lived experiences and providing accessible care to diverse needs.

Education and Experience

As a Canadian, Kyla grew up playing sports and eating her mother’s French Canadian home cooked meals. She studied at Trent University in Peterborough, ON and played on both the varsity crew rowing and ruby team. She earned a Bachelor of Arts honors degree, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a certified Ontario teaching license. She taught elementary and high school in Canada, England, Australia, and Sweden. In her travels of living and working abroad, she developed a passion in the subject of health and felt that she could make a greater impact on future students and communities through nutrition and food-system education. Kyla earned her Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. She completed three nutritional rotations at the University’s Lair Health Clinic, as well as an internship in functional fertility.

Kyla’s education experience has developed transferable skills to apply in a nutritional clinical setting. Years of crafting and executing comprehensive lesson plans has refined her ability to plan and conduct research in preparation for patient cases, apply medical nutrition therapies, and build treatment plans. Her experience applying varying approaches to teaching based on students' learning styles enables her to deliver individual patient-centered care and food relationship coaching. Kyla believes that personalized nutrition has the power to transform lives and she recognizes that the pathways to discovering nutritional needs and food relationship healing are invariably different.

Personal Interests

Kyla spends a lot of her free time planning and executing her Australian shepherd’s exercise regimen which includes frisbee in the park, river swims, and hiking. When Kyla has time to choose her own activities, she likes to go to hot yoga classes, mountain biking, or learn new tricks at the oak’s bottom’s roller skate rink.

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