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Igor Shapivol

Igor got his Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Washington State University. He started out his career working as a registered nurse on a neurology/neurosurgery unit. Here he worked firsthand with patients that were dealing with chronic conditions of the brain and mind such as stroke, dementia, seizure, brain tumor, and mental health diseases. He went on to gain more experience from other specialty units such as cardiac, surgery, and orthopedics where he worked with patients dealing with chronic diseases such a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Igor went on to become a travel nurse and traveled the country helping out hospitals that are in need. As Igor was taking care of these patients, he dreamed of one day being able to do more for his patients. He dreamed of finding ways of actually helping his patients prevent disease and not just rely on medications. He saw how the typical healthcare system was failing his patients. He then went on to study at Institute for Integrative Nutrition where he became a health coach and started using these skills to educate his patients about ways of empowering themselves. This led him to joining United States University to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. And that is where he is studying now. That is also why he is here with us at this clinic, wanting to learn more and do more for people who are suffering.
Igor enjoys traveling all over the world with his wife. Being married is an adventure of a lifetime as is, but they love to learn more about other cultures and sail the seven seas together. Igor loves sports and has played soccer for most of his life. He can pretty much play any sport and ride any board that exists, this keeps him young. Besides being active, Igor enjoys reading philosophy and theology as he learns to take care of his own soul.

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