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Address The Underlying Root Cause Of The Issues With Chris Kleronomos

Address The Underlying Root Cause Of The Issues With Chris Kleronomos

This week, Mystic Mag had the opportunity to interview Chris Kleronomos from MediPro Holistic Health. We talked about his beginnings, natural medicine and modern science, and how he maintains a relationship of mutual trust with clients.

What inspired you to start exploring Naturopathic Medicine?

I started with medicine in the service and developed an interest in “field medicine”. That interest had me begin exploring herbs and other things used both historically and currently. This led to my studies in traditional medicine and eventually a doctorate. I also firmly believe in the holistic model and always seek treatments to both support the body and correct systems of dysfunction to help people.

What services does your clinic offer?

Our clinic is very diverse. In respect to pain management we offer more than most any clinic. We offer a large variety of treatments and services because it is necessary to address complex disorders, and not everyone needs the same thing. We offer everything from Integrated Primary Care to acupuncture, Peptides and hormones, as well as pulsed electromagnetic therapy, photobiomodulation and Hyperbarics. Some other unique items include vagal nerve stimulation, regenerative medicine such as A2M and custom IVs.

Where does natural medicine meet modern science?

I am an integrated provider being a Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a Functional Medicine provider. We also have a fellowship trained Medical Doctor (anesthesiologist/Interventional Pain), four Naturopathic Physicians (Hormone, GI, GYN, and Rehabilitation specializations), a Psychologist (Anxiety/depression/trauma & pain) and a Clinical Nutritionist with a broad base of knowledge in applying “food as medicine”.

We blend the best of both worlds and collaborate to achieve the best outcome for the patient. Our providers have years of experience, specialized certifications and regularly update their knowledge. Our focus is complex pain disorders, that is inclusive of things like SIBO, metabolic dysfunctions and hormonal concerns.

What can a person expect from your naturalistic approach to healing?

We approach things in a completely comprehensive manner to both treat the symptoms a patient is experiencing so their quality of life improves as well as addressing the underlying root cause of the issues. Unlike many clinics, we utilize the best tools from both biomedical and natural science.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with clients?

Honesty and connection as a person. There are no white coats at our clinic. Most of my patients call me by my first name, and we strive to provide a personalized experience. I also often share my own experiences with health, and believe in being a straight shooter. What I mean by that is I tell people the truth, which sometimes they don’t want to hear. In many instances this can be counter to what other providers outside our clinic have said, but this approach is also saying to a person “hey I don’t know” or “this is what I think”. Lastly, I try to always recognize that patients have their own truths and that must be respected.

What do you love most about your profession?

Hands down it is seeing a person regain function or quality of life and no longer need me. Ultimately the goal is to get people better and seeing that is why I do what I do.


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