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Extracorporeal Shockwave

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a noninvasive treatment that involves delivery of “shock waves” to injured soft tissue to reduce pain and promote healing. Shockwaves are sound waves that have specific physical characteristics, including nonlinearity, high peak pressure followed by low tensile amplitude, short rise time, and short duration producing a “shock wave”.

According to Jonathan T. Finnoff, D.O., medical director for Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine at Mayo Clinic Square in Minneapolis, ESWT is a viable option to consider for many patients who present with chronic tendinopathy that hasn't responded to more-conservative treatments. Dr. Finnoff notes that multiple high-quality randomized clinical trials have provided substantial evidence that ESWT is a safe and effective noninvasive option for treating the musculoskeletal system.

Even some of the most difficult to treat conditions such as scoliosis, pelvic prolapse, and fibromyalgia have shown great improvement in the patients that have come to our clinic. For many, it feels like a deep tissue massage though the device applied during treatment is just gently impacting a gel over the skin. It penetrates into the body to soften scar tissue, improve the micro vascular to regions of compromised blood flow, reduces arthritis while strengthening the bone densityof the bone of the treatment area, modified bone spurs, break down inappropriate calcifications as well as other types of build up (ex. calcifications, kidney stones, gallstones, tonsil stones).

At MediPro Pain & Performance, through many years of experience with the therapy, Dr. Gannaway has developed protocols for providing shockwave therapy with the minimal discomfort if any.


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