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How to Check Your Benefits

If you are looking for an insurance company to cover naturopathic or chiropractic medical services, then you need to keep these things in your mind:

Review your policy

Check your health plan documents and see if it says that it covers naturopathic or chiropractic medicine.

If you are part of HMO plan then you will be able to see a few providers who work for that company. In most cases these plans won’t be covered.

Call your insurance company

In order to look into your insurance benefits, it would be best to give a call to customer service number provided in your insurance card and ask about its benefits or eligibility. Make it clear to the phone representative that you want to check on your personal insurance benefits.

You can ask the questions like:

  • Will this policy cover services offered by a licensed naturopathic doctor or a licensed chiropractor?
  • You can also ask when they mean physicians, does that also include naturopaths as covered providers?
  • Will there be a good deductible to meet my needs in regards to this service?

This is the payment you make pay out of pocket this year before getting the services covered. The amount gets renewed every year.

  • Are MediPro Pain & Performance practitioners in-network with my plan?
  • What will be my copay or co-insurance?
  • Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to see MediPro Pain & Performance practitioners?
  • Do I need any other pre-authorization?
  • Do making a maximum number of visits, or a maximum pay amount matter for this service each year?

If your health insurance policy does not cover naturopathic or chiropractic medical services, don’t worry, you can still receive them. At MediPro Pain & Performance, patients have the option of time-of-service payments for those don’t use insurance benefits.

Good news is MediPro Pain & Performance, is a preferred In-Network provider with many commercial insurance companies out there.

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