• Restore Youthfulness

  • Reduce Pain

  • Calm Inflammation

  • Heal Tissues

  • Maximize Energy

  • Boost Metabolism


Therapy involving peptides has played a notable role in the medical industry ever since the development of insulin back in the 1920s. Every day, researchers and clinicians continue innovating revolutionary peptide therapy techniques to help patients improve their overall health, wellness and quality of life. Currently, the FDA has approved over 60 drugs for use in peptide therapy for their rejuvenating qualities on our physical and cognitive functions.

Essentially, collagen peptides are amino acid chains that can help your body use its own natural healing abilities to move closer towards optimal health. These tiny protein fragments are made up of anywhere from 2-40 individual amino acids smaller than many regular proteins found in the body. This makes these peptide bonds easier for your system to process and utilize for functions such as muscle growth, skincare and even metabolic health. Each peptide bond used in peptide therapy has its unique function, which provides different directions to your body’s cells to trigger different results.

At MediPro, we use the highest quality peptide preparations for a variety of needs including pain, anti-aging, metabolic needs, inflammation, and more.

Chris Kleronomos, FNP-BC (AAPM), DAOM-LAc, RH (AHG), MSc (ABAAHP)
Chris Kleronomos, FNP-BC (AAPM), DAOM-LAc, RH (AHG), MSc (ABAAHP)

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