Dr. Hilary Sandell

Dr. SandellND, LAc

Dr. Sandell grew up in a family that emphasized nutrition and exercise at an early age, so it was only natural that she decided to pursue a profession in the health field. Dr. Sandell attended the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion in 2009 with an emphasis in Sports Medicine and a minor in Psychology. She interned with holistic nutritionist, Dr. Liz Lipski, for 3 years during her time at UNCA, which fueled her passion for nutrition, alternative health and understanding the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

After graduating from UNC-Asheville, Dr. Sandell moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the National College of Natural Medicine. She graduated in June 2014 with her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) degree and her Masters in Acupuncture (MAc) in June 2015. During her time at NCNM, Dr. Sandell spent a year interning with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis who specializes in complex gastrointestinal disorders including small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), inflammatory bowel diseases, gallbladder disorders, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and others. By working with many of these patients with complex GI issues alongside Dr. Sandberg-Lewis, she learned how to coach each patient regarding a proper diet, lifestyle choices, stress management and appropriate supplementation. Dr. Sandell also spent extra time learning botanical medicine and completed advanced training in homeopathic therapies as alternatives to allopathic prescription medication for common conditions. Currently Dr. Sandell is learning multiple therapies for acute and chronic pain management including trigger point needling techniques, cupping, body work, supplementation, nutrition, and injection therapies. Dr. Sandell is very passionate about incorporating and balancing all aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, in order to create optimal health.

When Dr. Sandell is not furthering her education and working, she loves to play sports, do yoga, snowboard, rock climb, be in nature, spend time with friends, and release her creativity via jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, and other artistic endeavors.

What people are saying about Dr. Sandell:

"Senstive, Thorough, Dr. Sandell is wonderful at working with you in determining what strategy will be most successful for you."

"Dr. Sandell's knowledge of the body, mind & energy and the reasons why symptoms manifest in the body amaze me. She is a gifted healer."

"Dr. Sandell is very professional and really knows how to better her patient's life and help them with overall healthy balance."

Dr. Emily Gannaway

Dr. Emily GannawayND

Dr. Emily Gannaway, ND, grew up with the influence of multiple doctors in her family. Inspired by the work of her sister as an emergency room doctor, she began developing a deep interest in both preventive and primary care medicine. This inspired her to obtain a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine. Then, while volunteering at a clinic in Nicaragua, she was exposed to the amazing healing effects of acupuncture. This exposure to indigenous medicine added to her strong commitment to work with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. As a result, Dr. Gannaway uses various modalities including plant-based medicine, alternative medicine and physical medicine.

Dr. Gannaway came back to the US where she obtained a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). Because of her natural affinity for pediatrics and women’s health, she pursued advanced studies in pediatrics, women’s healthcare, and pregnancy related care. She completed both the Naturopathic and Obstetric programs as well as a two-year externship in pediatrics. In addition, her studies in Holistic Pelvic care and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy have provided Dr. Gannaway with a wealth of knowledge and experience in family care.

Dr Gannaway’s work has not been limited to women and children. She worked with men during her preceptorship. This training enhanced her understanding of men’s health and helped to round out her experience in family medicine. Dr. Gannaway also has advanced training in intravenous therapy and herbal medicine to further aid in her ability to treat the whole family.

Dr. Gannaway began working with MediPro Holistic Health in 2016. She is committed to helping patients through whichever modality will be most helpful to create health and life balance.

Dr. Sandra Osterberg

Dr. Osterberg DC

Sandra Osterberg, DC has had an interest in helping people from her high school days, when she sought out more information about alternative health care. Taking a job in a chiropractic office,  she saw the positive affects of chiropractic adjustments to patients on a daily basis. This experience helped her to choose a career in the chiropractic profession in order to be a part of helping people in their healing process. 

Dr. Sandra Osterberg received her Chiropractic Degree from Western States Chiropractic College in 1997 and her Bachelors of Science from Portland State University in 1994. Dr. Osterberg is experience in Diversified, Drop Table and Activator Adjusting techniques as well as Craniosacral Therapy, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. She feels that an integrated approach to patient health care offers the best pathway to meeting patients heath care goals. Dr. Osterberg has a interest in treating Temporalandibular Joint Dysfunction as well as women's and pediatric health issues. She is a member of the American Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic is an art and a science of healing without drugs. She believes that the use of intentional touch is a powerful healing force when used with the art of adjusting to remove restriction in the body can reduce stress, allow for the body to better heal itself, give a better sense of wellbeing, and give an opportunity for the patient to move forward, grow and thrive.

Dr. Osterberg also believes that a good physician needs to be present in the moment, and active listener and focus on the patients needs. Taking time, being thorough and flexible allow her to provide a unique approach to each patient's health care issues.

Dr. Osterberg is an Oregon Native who enjoys bicycling, camping, knitting, calligraphy, growing orchids and spending time with her family and two dogs Aiko and Lily.

Han Ho

Han Ho LMT

Han Ho, LMT, earned a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Portland State University, and worked in the IT sector for 16 years. However, he always felt the desire to be able to help people in a more meaningful way. He made a career change in 2009, and studied massage therapy at Western States Chiropractic School, while working as a chiropractic assistant. This allowed him to apply his studies in a practical way, getting experience with automobile accident cases, back injuries, pre/post surgery, pregnancy, and treating individuals with chronic and acute pain. Pain treatment and management is a large focus of his practice.

Han truly enjoys meeting and interacting with people, and discussing approaches to treating physical and emotional life challenges. He emphasizes the importance of creating an environment of open communication, to enable him to customize each session to meet individual needs. He believes in a holistic approach to treatment, and works closely with chiropractors, medical doctors, and even claims representatives, too minimize stress and allow the patients to focus on healing and recovering.

Han was born in Vietnam, but grew up in the Pacific NW, and cannot imagine raising a family anywhere else. He enjoys golfing, biking, cooking, traveling, and spending time with his wife, his two daughters, and his black lab, Finn.

Alisa Karmel

Alisa Karmel

Child & Family Behavioral Nutritionist 

Alisa grew up in Portland, Oregon with her supportive family. She experienced significant difficulties with obesity and self-efficacy her entire childhood. Upon high school graduation, she ventured to Eugene to pursue her Bachelors in Elementary Education. She was driven to create a classroom environment that provided a safe space for students to learn academics, life skills, and self-efficacy. While completing her teaching practicum, she was startled to witness the lack of attention to nutrition education. Determined to address this issue, Alisa changed her path. She immediately hired a nutritionist and learned about her own nutritional deficiencies. After a year of focusing on her emotional and physical health, she attended Pacific University to obtain a Masters in Childhood Psychology. During her time there she learned about the efficacy of behavioral therapy and felt that it was essential to approach nutritional changes with a behavioral lens. Eager to learn more about nutrition and its effect on the body, Alisa attended the National College of Natural Medicine and earned her Masters in Nutrition.

Alisa has worked with children and adolescents for over 10 years. Her background includes childhood psychology, nutritional sciences, elementary education, health coaching, food relationship coaching, and executive skills coaching. She recognizes that helping children make any type of change requires compassion, commitment, and the entire family’s support. She believes that children learn at their own pace and in their own way. She is committed to evaluating your child with care and personalizing her coaching techniques to produce the highest result. She will make every effort to ensure that your child develops a better understanding of food and how it interacts with their body.

When Alisa isn’t interacting with her clients she loves spending time with her family, taking hikes, photographing nature’s beauty, exploring the beaches and forests of Oregon, going to standup comedy and spending time with her partner Tyler and cat.

Lorraine Janeway

MediPro Holistic Health offers executive coaching, nutritional coaching, life coaching and traditional therapy. Lorraine Janeway is our clinic owner and our senior coach. Lorraine’s coaching and training ability comes from the unique blend of her traditional counseling education with a focus on systems (Masters Degree, Counseling Psych, Lewis & Clark, 1989) and her executive coach training through one of the most respected executive coaching schools in the U.S. (New Ventures West, 2011) These skills combine to artfully promote alignment, cooperation and progress with the clients she serves.

Lorraine’s gift is in developing people and the organizations with which they work. Her coaching stance is that people are growth-oriented and have a deep desire for excellence. Coaching’s purpose is to work with these natural internal motivations in order to facilitate transformational movement. Because coaching provides a respectful, co-creative environment, it brings a “looking” that simply isn’t available otherwise. It is within this new “seeing” that behavior alters, leaders transform and organizations move.

All gifted coaches hold the coaching client accountable for their own results. The coach’s responsibility is to stand for the client’s stated coaching goals even when the client loses his/her way. At that level of advocacy, the coach must be able to respectfully take on uncomfortable conversations without moving into anxiety or capitulation.

The actual work with the client contains several phases, the first of which is the creation of a coaching contract. The contract contains specific, measurable outcomes which include business and personal development results, and may also include team interaction results. Personal and business development goals must align with and support each other. If the client is part of a larger organization, the goals must naturally also align with the goals of the business.

In addition to Lorraine’s work with individuals and business leaders, she continues to train and expand through continuing her education and training. She is certified in Covey’s “7-Habits” and “The 4 Disciplines of Execution”), has 4 years of post-degree studies in systems training, has taught in the business department of the local college and served as adjunct faculty for New Ventures West. Lorraine has extensive public speaking experience and her humor and insight provide a learning environment where listeners can relax, internalize and transform.

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