How MediPro Holistic Health Got Started

MediPro Holistic Health was born after an alien took over my body. For years, I was trim and fit and loving the feeling of having my body respond easily to any challenge. And then, something happened – and I couldn’t lose weight, or even keep it off.


After trying everything possible, reading everything I could lay my hands on, going to my doctor — who basically said “Get over it; it happens” — I realized that there was more going on than just calories in and energy out. The calculation wasn’t straight arithmetic. Something else was involved.


Then I heard about the effects of various glands and hormones on the body, about leptin and how it communicates (or doesn't) with the hypothalamus, how critical the digestive and intestinal tracts are, and how colon health impacts the body. I also learned about the pancreas and the central role of insulin in weight management, and about adrenal glands, thyroid, and the interaction of food and exercise.


I started in on my own program and finished with 25 lbs off of my 5’4 frame in just two months. I was at goal weight, happier with my body and my wardrobe and how healthy I felt. The program was a fabulous success! Not only wasn’t I hungry, I felt great all day with no cravings and no dip in energy.


In my professional work, I was already counseling people on various life issues. The one thing I had wanted to add was effective health and wellness coaching. I assembled a team of health care professionals and asked the question “What’s not happening out there to help people understand and change their lifestyle choices? How can we help people lose weight and change their lives without suffering? How do we support our patients in a way that allows them to be successful, healthy and happy?

—Lorraine Janeway, CEO


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